Wassup Zindagi Movie Review

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Time to ask yourself… “whatssup zindagi”
Friendship day is on 6th august… and Guajarati film ‘Wassup Zindagi’ is releasing on 4th august, just before the friendship day… the film tells the story about four friends… who are facing different difficulties of life but they share the same passion for biking.

In the film Ravish Desai is just married to actress Jayaka Yagnik but their love disappears after marriage and because of the situation he feels attraction towards Jhinal Bilani. Will their marriage comes to an end or Ravish comes out with the situation cleanly…? For these answer you have to watch the film.

The another friend actor Prem Gadhavi is married with actress Bhakti Rathod after couple of years and they have a year old kid. Prem Gadhavi plays a character of romantic person. But he didn’t find the same romance in his partner because of responsibility of a small kid. He became frustrated by the circumstances and lefts home. Does he comes back and takes his responsibility as father…? For these answer you have to watch the film.

In the film actor Gaurav Paswala has broke his relationship with actress Sonu Chandrapal, but still owes him and follows her. Sonu is very annoyed by his aggressive behaviour. Will they patch up again or move on with their lives…? For these answer you have to watch the film.

Actor Jayesh More in the film is married to actress Twisha Shukla Shah for a long time. Jayesh is very obsessed towards money and fulfils every wish of his son, whether that one is right or not. Twisha as a wife is disturbed by his husband’s character. Will he realize the true meaning of life apart from money or his wife has to be suffered through out…? For these answer you have to watch the film.

Breathe-taking acting, excellent dialogues and stunning direction are the USP of ‘Wassup Zindagi”. All the Locations are looking beautiful in the film. All the songs are very melodious and approaches accordingly to the situation.

‘Shakti films and entertainment’ and ‘J Milan’ presents ‘wasaup zindagi’ with ‘U turn’s production. The film fare award winner director Mr. Manoj Lalwani is also a writer of this beautiful film. He says, “Problems are the part of life. Don’t run away from them but instead face them”. This is also the motto of this film. This film is an equal blend of emotion and comedy. It will make you cry as well as make you laugh at the same time. Go watch the movie as you will definitely relate with these characters in the film and will also find the similar situation in life of yours. But in the end you will uncover all the answers to get out from the thorny situations in life. The end will give you a beginning and new true approach towards life.

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