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He’s had a dream debut in Dhollywood, but the jitters are not over yet for Dhruvin Shah. His Gujarati film Superstar is set to hit screens in Mumbai this Friday , and the youngster is hoping to recreate the magic at the box office here as well. What’s more? The actor will also make his Bollywood debut with the Hindi remake of this film.
“When I had decided to become an actor, Bollywood was always on my mind. But I didn’t think my regional film would take me to B-Town. I think it’s a sign of destiny ,“ smiles Dhruvin.

The actor, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in acting from New York Film Institute, believes Superstar happened to him by chance. He recalls, “I’d come home for a vacation from Los Angeles, where I was pursuing a part of the course. At that time, my father (Dakshesh Shah) had signed on to produce this film. Since I was also learning about production and direction as part of my course, he asked me to handle the film on his behalf. He wanted me to get hands-on experience and I plunged into the project. I made a few changes, tweaked the budget and got cameras with better resolution. I was also part of the auditions. We locked Rashami Desai as the heroine, but were struggling to find someone to play the male lead. One day , I was asking one of the actors to improvise on certain aspects when director Bhavin Wadia’s focus shifted to me. After pack-up, he told me that I was apt for the role. I was skeptical because I wanted to pursue Bollywood and didn’t want anything to obstruct my path. But my dad also told me that I should do the film. I have immense faith in him because he was the one who asked me to pursue films as a profession.“

Dhruvin says Superstar was the perfect launchpad for him not only because of the script and his character, but also because of the business it’s doing. “It’s been almost two months since it released and it’s running to packed houses in Gujarat. Superstar is probably the first film to do so well after Chhello Divas, which released in 2015.Interestingly, that film was also remade in Bollywood,“ he says with a laugh.

Dhruvin plays filmstar RK in the film.Ask him how he defines superstardom, and he says, “I think one can experience true superstardom only when he or she is humble about it. I imagined myself 10 years down the line when I faced the camera for the film, and I also learnt a life lesson from my character RK -be humble, grateful and care for your family .“

– Times of India