“Aamir Khan isn’t the King”, says filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra

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Each time Aamir Khan and producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra have collaborated on a project, the film has worked wonders at the box office. Case in point being films like the 2009 release 3 Idiots and the 2014 release PK both of which went on to become box office benchmarks of their time. In fact looking at the actor’s box office record streak, most will consider Aamir as the king of the box office. However, filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s views on the actor seem to be contrastingly different from popular opinion.

In fact at the recently held success bash of Dangal when the filmmaker was quizzed about Aamir Khan being the king of the box office, he said, “See I don’t think Aamir Khan is a king. He is not any type of king.” Though this might come across as quite a hard pill to swallow, the maverick filmmaker went on to reason his thoughts saying, “I think it is the story that really is the king. If Aamir Khan wasn’t part of this story (sic Dangal) and Hrithik Roshan was part of it, Dangal would have worked equally well at the box office. I think that it is the writer of the story and the director of the film that is really the king.”

However, it doesn’t end there. When prodded on whether he thought the success of PK was thanks to Aamir’s presence in the film, VVC added, “Even in PK it was not Aamir who was the king it was the story. Since the story of the film was good it worked.” Defending his statement, on PK working not because of Aamir Khan, VVC added, “I think that it is really the story that holds importance, the actor comes second. If the story is good, the actor does not really matter. For that matter Aamir has also acted in so many other films that have not worked, was he not considered a king then? In those films, Aamir was what he was, but it was the story that was not good and hence the films didn’t work. Ultimately it is the story of the film that is the king, queen and everything not the actor.”

– Bollywood Hungama News Network