Bollywood ROCKS at Enchanted Valley Carnival

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Arijit Singh is a genius singer, is extremely versatile and he is a master stage performer as well. He performed at the final day of the two day Enchanted Valley Carnival in Aamby Valley yesterday. He belted out medleys from his super hit songs and even sang versions of Dil Chahta Hai, Dil Se, Sayoni and many more. Arijit played electric guitar as he walked around the mammoth stage and then he settled down in the world of a deliriously melodious Piano. What followed was the delightful Hamdard and more of the softer classics. He repeatedly let the crowd fill in the blanks and they always knew the full lyrics of all his songs.

The fascinating sunset of the Aamby Valley will remain etched in my mind. The Golden yellow on the horizon was devoid of the specks of pollution. Three big stages offered a wide variety of musical gems-n-genres. Youngsters from Mumbai, Pune and other parts of the country flocked the vibrant festival that believes in freedom of expression with responsibility (zero tolerance for drugs and rightly so). Everyone was allowed to do whatever they wanted to do without being judged or intruded upon. Camping at the venue was an idea that was celebrated with an encore. The stylish ways in which one can carry off torn jeans was the highlight of the most noticeable style statement. And if you get tired of dancing, there was choicest of culinary delicacies to fall back upon.

On day one, I saw Farhan Akhtar chatting with friends before his act was about to start. He was totally relaxed, a trait which is important for any good artiste who is well prepared. Farhan brings in a lot of dramatic element to his performance, which must be borne out of his superlative acting skills. His music is primarily thought provoking with consistently good lyrics but he ensures that the audience is thoroughly and consistently entertained. He sprints, interacts with the crowd and peppers the fillers with sprightly sense of humour.
Badshah is having a phenomenal year. He has had one hit after another. I travelled with him during the Dream Team Tour in six cities in USA and witnessed his amazing rapport with the crowds there. At EVC he continued his dream run and the crowd kept asking for more. He uses his Punjabi sense of humour to good use and the crowd loves it.

I have always liked Papon as a singer. He has a wonderful flair for Ghazal singing that is generally not encouraged in Bollywood these days for some reason but his bassy voice suits that genre perfectly. He delivered an unplugged version of the famous Ghazal ‘Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo’ and the crowd erupted. He sang his super hit film songs but he was clearly happier singing his personal songs. When he ended his act with a Bihu song, laced with the sexy Assamese dance moves, it was a fascinating sight to watch.

It was a great experience to be a part of a great well organised event that celebrates music to the hilt. The lingering memories continue to shimmer on the surface of the gorgeously blue West Lake in Aamby Valley.

– By Faridoon Shahryar