Box Office: Baahubali 2 [Hindi] is now heading straight for Rs. 500 Crore Club

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On its third Monday, i.e. the 18th day in theaters, Baahubali 2 [Hindi] has approached the Rs. 440 crore* mark. The film brought in around Rs. 7 crore more and now the film is just Rs. 10 crore away from setting up the Rs. 450 crore milestone. In fact it should manage to do that by Wednesday itself which means the journey towards the Rs. 500 Crore Club is set to be quicker than anticipated.

That would be for the first time in the history of Indian cinema that a major record would be surpassed with such great speed. After 100 Crore Club, it was the turn of Rs. 200 Crore Club to be formed. Later after the Rs. 200 Crore Club, it was time for the Rs. 300 Crore Club to be formed. However, from Rs. 300 Crore Club, it is now going to be a quick jump towards the Rs. 500 Crore Club.

To be fair though, Dangal could well have been the first film to form the Rs. 400 Crore Club but then fell short by just a little over Rs. 10 crore. Nonetheless, with Baahubali 2 [Hindi] heading towards the Rs. 500 Crore milestone, it has made it all the more challenging for the new upcoming films to at the least go past the barrier of Rs. 300 Crore milestone and then aim for bigger glories.


*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

– Bollywood Hungama News Network