Box Office: Bank Chor makes a meagre 2% profit

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The Riteish Deshmukh – Vivek Oberoi starrer Bank Chor produced under the banner of Y-Films released a while back. The film whose title is a play on words making it into a moniker for an abuse was well promoted in the run up to its release. However, over the past few months we have witnessed the audience taking to films with content and shunning those that feature only floss.

In this special report we take a look at the overall profitability of Bank Chor for its makers while also analysing the total profit the film made. Made on a budget of Rs. 15 cr (CoP Rs. 10 cr + P&A Rs. 5 cr) Bank Chor that released across 700 screens within the domestic market managed to rake in just Rs. 7.3 cr. (at the close of Week 1) at the domestic box office. The box office earnings (distributor share) coupled with the earnings from the sale of the film’s satellite and digital rights for Rs. 8 cr and Rs. 4 cr respectively, the makers of Bank Chor stand to make just Rs. 15.29 cr.

The makers of the film will end up with a profit of around 29 lakhs and 1.9% as return on investment.

Economics of Bank Chor

Cost Of Production – 10 Cr.

Cost Of Marketing (P&A) – 5 Cr.


India Theatrical Box Office 7.30 Cr. (At the close of Week 1)

Distributor’s share (A) – 3.29 Cr.

Satellite (B) – 8 Cr.

Digital Rights (C) – 4 Cr.


PROFIT – 0.29 Cr.


– Bollywood Hungama