Box Office: A Gentleman keeps nosediving, is very low on Wednesday

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A Gentleman continues to hit South as the collections have come to an abmysal low. On Wednesday, the film could bring in only Rs. 1.20 crore* and with this the overall numbers stand at Rs. 17.96 crore*.

The film now stands a real chance of going below the 1 crore mark on a weekday in the first week itself. Now that’s pretty much an all time low for an expensive affair like this which comes with a price tag of Rs. 50 crore. Films do go down when they are rejected but to hover around the Rs. 1 crore mark is something that is very rarely seen.

Earlier this year another spy-action-thriller Commando 2 (with possibly half the budget) had a Week One of Rs. 23.10 crore and A Gentleman will now struggle to meet this number even as a lifetime total. Even for director duo Raj and DK this is quite low since their last release Happy Ending had a Week One of Rs. 20 crore and A Gentleman would fall short of that mark.

A huge disappointment and a big disaster.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

– Bollywood Hungama