Box Office: Rangoon is a huge disappointment, collects approx. 22 crores in Week One

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Rangoon has turned out to be a huge commercial disappointment after its one week run. The film collected just around Rs. 22 crore and there too the majority of moolah came in the opening weekend. Post that it was a free fall for the Vishal Bhardwaj directed film over the weekdays and there were no signs of recovery whatsoever. The signs were there during the weekend itself and once the film didn’t grow from its anyways low opening day, the writing was clear on the wall.

The film will practically fold up with just a crore or two more added to its total in the current week. The film is hardly in the running now and it is a mere formality that it is still finding some shows for itself. The audiences have not even given a chance to Rangoon which pretty much reflects how a film, when not supported by good word of mouth, just can’t manage to rise at all after a bad start.

One just hopes that in 2017, one doesn’t see a repeat of such a scenario all over again where a biggie ends up being such a letdown at the Box Office.

– Bollywood Hungama News Network