Box Office: Understanding the economics of Dangal; Aamir Khan walks away with more than 200+ crore as his share –

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The Aamir Khan starrer Dangal released in December last year to rave reviews from the critics and audience alike. The film which has till now held strong at the box office despite newer releases hitting screens has become one of the highest grossers.

In this special report we take a look at the economics of Dangal to analyse the profitability of the film for its makers. Collecting Rs. 381.05 crores after the fifth Saturday running at the domestic box office, the makers of the film stand to make Rs. 241.68 cr. as profit with a 322.24% rate of Return on Investment.

However, after removing the costs of distribution by Disney (around 30 to 35 cr.), Aamir Khan will walk away with approx. 200 to 210 crores as his share.

Understanding the Economics of Dangal and decoding the profits for Aamir Khan
Cost of Production – 60.00 Cr.

Cost of Marketing (P&A) – 15.00 Cr.

TOTAL COST – 75.00 Cr.

India Theatrical Box Office – 381.05 Cr.

Distributor’s share (A) – 170.20 Cr.

Overseas Theatrical Box Office – 198.71 Cr.

Distributor’s share (B) – 79.48 Cr.

Music, Digital, Merchandising, Licensing and Ancillary rights (C) – 12.00 Cr. (Includes only the cash part of the music deal)

Satellite Rights (D) – 55.00 Cr. (Sold to Zee Network)


PROFIT – 241.68 Cr.


The Box Office figures are compiled from various sources and our own research. The figures can be approximate and Bollywood Hungama does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However, they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s).

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