Cash On Delivery Trailer: Malhar’s Intriguing Film that All You Need

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Finally, now Cash On Delivery trailer out. It is superb one and probably one of the best Gujarati film for 2017. As we know, Malhar Thakar is playing the role of Sidharth, a 23-year-old online shopping firm’s delivery boy.

Cash On Delivery trailer starts with Malhar explaining his desire for the beautiful home, BMW Car and 3-4 children playing in his lap. He is explaining his desire to his girlfriend or fiancée probably. Sidharth is a middle-class Gujarati family boy who is working as a delivery boy.

Then trailer glimpses about normal lifestyle of Sidharth. During that we can heard Malhar’s voice in background saying that an average Gujarati boy like him delivers something for sure every day. One day when he reaches the delivery address, he found a dead body.

Then the suspense and thrill starts. Then trailer continues with glimpses about the murder and mystery and how Sidharth deals with it. A Common man rises to respond, retaliate, and deliver the truth.

Director Neeraj Joshi’s film Cash On Delivery trailer shows all that ingredients that you are looking for. This film will surely make you stick to the edges of your seat. Salt N Pepper Motion Pictures is producing this film.

Darshan Jariwala is playing a grey character in the film. While actress Vyoma Nandi is making her debut in Gujarati film industry. Vyoma Nandi is gujarati actress and earlier she worked in a Telugu film ‘Marala Telupana Priya’.

Anang Desai, Falguni Rajani, Sangita Khanayat, Bhakti Chauhan, Sagar Masrani, Tariq Khan, ACP Zala, Falguni Dave, Saloni Patel, Mehul Buch, Ratan Rangvani, Krupa Chandera, Yogi Raj and Abhishek Shah are also starring in the film Cash On Delivery.

Earlier almost 30-seconds long Cash On Delivery teaser make you excited for the trailer and the film as well.

Cash On Delivery will hit the silver screen on 5th May 2017. Share your views about the trailer in comment.