Check out: RGV wishes Tiger Shroff on his birthday by comparing him to be gay and many such ‘observations’

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There is a popular saying in Bollywood about the maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma, which states “When he is not busy making films, he is busy laughing at others expense through his acidic tweets”. Yesterday, the legendary and bindaas actor Jacke Shroff’s son Tiger Shroff celebrated his birthday. Needless to say that, while the teenage heart throb Tiger Shroff must have been flooded with wishes galore, the one wish that stood out was that of Ram Gopal Varma, who wished Tiger Shroff, in the trademarked ‘RGV’ style.

Ram Gopal Varma, who was seeming like someone out with a vengeance while he ‘showered’ his wishes on Tiger Shroff in lieu of the adjoining photograph in which a topless Tiger Shroff is seen emerging out of the waters. In a series of tweets, Ram Gopal Varma not just compared Tiger Shroff to a gay person, but also gave him tips on how to attain Bruce Lee’s stature. Ram Gopal Varma stated his tweeting session stating “@iTIGERSHROFF U are great at martial arts but if BRUCE LEE ever posed like a bikini babe like u he wouldn’t hav bcm BRUCE LEE..Please think”. Ram Gopal Varma continued his series of tweets stating “@iTIGERSHROFF if u don’t believe me ask @bindasbhidu who also is a huge Bruce lee fan like me ..only gays pose like this and not MEN”.

If that wasn’t all, Ram Gopal Varma, who advised Tiger Shroff to learn machoism from his father Jackie Shroff, stated “@iTIGERSHROFF Please learn machoism from @bindasbhidu who even without martial arts poses more like a man and never like this”. He continued by tweeting “@iTIGERSHROFF u might have a six pack of muscle groups better than @bindasbhidu but his eyes and body language have far better many groups”.

Lastly, Ram Gopal Varma ‘clarified’ all his tweets (which was addressed to Jackie Shroff), in which he stated that, all of his tweets on Tiger Shroff as his fan and not otherwise. He also requested Jackie Shroff to tell the same to Ayesha Shroff”. He tweeted the same stating, “Hey @bindasbhidu all my tweets on @iTIGERSHROFF are purely as ur fan and not otherwise ..please tell this to @AyeshaShroff and him”

Ironically, Ram Gopal Varma is presently directing the film Sarkar 3, which stars ‘Tiger Shroff’s father’ Jackie Shroff along with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan and Manoj Bajpayee.

– Bollywood Hungama News Network