Chor Bani Thangaat Kare Upcoming Gujarati Film

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How do you react to situationswhere you are bound by some habits you don’t have control on? Just go with the flow! A compulsive thief by birth, Raju aka Robin is expelled from home by his own father when he steals a lord’s idol during a pooja. With Lenti, his chaddi-buddy, he moves to Ahmedabad city to begin a new chapter in his life.

After finding that he is kleptomaniac who steals because of a psychological disorder, Robin desperately looks for a treatment. And that’s when he meets Khusbu, who becomes the love of his life. An interesting sequence of rib-tickling comedy with local amdavadi thief gang & police, Robin, Lenti & Khusbu churn up a series of comical incidents.

Their roller coaster ride in ‘rumfaat’ cab leads to several hilarious moments to laugh your heart out, leading to interesting twists and turns in the movie. Will he continue to steal? Will she fall for a thief? Only time will tell whether the kleptomaniac steals the hearts or not?