Dear Rishi Kapoor, why rant against Anurag Basu for not showing Jagga Jasoos when even Bhansali didn’t show you Saawariya

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Rishi Kapoor is an extremely outspoken actor. Known never to mince his words specially after downing a peg or two in the night, Rishi has repeatedly savaged his offenders. Once he spent half an hour ranting to me about Saif Ali Khan getting the National award.

I never used the taped interview I knew he would later deny it. Rishi has now lashed out against Anurag Basu, calling him an “irresponsible director” and questioning his right to take so long to complete the film.

Rishi Kapoor who is known to shoot off his mouth without thinking couldn’t have chosen worse time to hit out at Basu aka ‘Dada’ to Rishi’s son Ranbir who is very fond of Anurag. In fact Ranbir is repeatedly embarrassed by his father’s penchant for saying more than required. We hear Ranbir Kapoor is not the least pleased by his father’s latest outburst against Anurag Basu whose Jagga Jasoos has tragically tanked.

A prominent member of the film’s cast wonders why Rishi Kapoor has picked on Basu when he is down and out. “We knew it was coming. Mr Kapoor had been fuming against Dada, with anyone who was remotely connected with Jagga Jasoos. He had even threatened to beat up Dada if he ever showed his face to Mr Kapoor.”

Dada kept away from getting beaten up by the angry Daddy. But according to this source, Rishi Kapoor decided to take the swipe when Basu’s film bombed. “Dada is down on the floor right now. Why kick someone when he is not doing well? Mr Kapoor thinks Dada is an ‘irresponsible director’. I am sure Dada would have seemed like a responsible director had Jagga Jasoos been a hit. As far as Dada not showing his film to Mr Kapoor is concerned, Sanjay Leela Bhansali did not show a frame of Ranbir’s debut film Saawariya to Mr Kapoor or anyone else. Lately Mr Kapoor was fuming against Shakun Batra for his working style in Kapoor & Sons. But the minute the film was accepted by the audience, Rishi changed his tune. Speaking on behalf of his son, Rishi Sir reminded us of what Kangna Ranaut had said vis-à-vis Hrithik Roshan’s father speaking on his behalf. Ranbir is a 30-year old man. Why does he need his father to speak on his behalf? Sadly Rishi has also brought in Ekta Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan and Govinda to argue his case against Dada.”

Jagga Jasoos’s co-producer Bimal Parekh said, “What Mr Rishi Kapoor has to say about Anurag Basu is his opinion. He is entitled to it. We’ve received extremely polarized opinions on Jagga Jasoos. Many have loved it but just as many have hated it. I don’t know how much losses the film will make. But I am proud to be associated with it.”

Anurag Basu only had this to say, “I want to avoid making any comments against a senior who also happens to be my friend’s dad.”

– Bollywood Hungama