Here’s how the Ittefaq remake starring Sonakshi Sinha will differ from the original

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Producer Karan Johar and director Abhay Chopra have decided to take gigantic creative liberties with the Yash Chopra-directed 1969 experimental suspense thriller Ittefaq. The original film featuring Rajesh Khanna and Nanda came at the peak of Khanna’s superstardom. He chose to play against his romantic image and was cast as a severely traumatized man on the run from the law after being accused of murdering his wife.

In the original song less film Khanna seeks refuge in a house where only a woman exists. Nanda broke her goody goody image to play a husband-killer. But here is the thing. The neo-Ittefaq intends to alter the climax and the ending.

Says a source close to the project, “Everyone has seen the original Ittefaq on television satellite DVD and the internet and they know how the whodunit ends. They can’t have the same ending in the remake. The ending is being re-written and Sonakshi Sinha’s character is no longer going to be a killer.”

That isn’t the only change in the pipeline. The original film contained no songs, which was extremely unusual in those days especially for a Rajesh Khanna starrer as he was known for his romantic melodies.

The new Ittefaq will have songs, including a promotional video featuring the new-age versions of Khanna and Nanda. Wonder what director Abhay Chopra’s uncle Yash Chopra would have to say about all these changes.

– Bollywood Hungama News Network