Hrithik Roshan accepts Angela Krislinzki’s graceful apology to him

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Yesterday, many of us woke up to a sudden shock when Hrithik Roshan questioned a certain Angela Krislinzki as to who she was in lieu of reading her interview in a leading newspaper wherein she had stated that Hrithik Roshan was her mentor and that he was considering her for a big film. After Hrithik Roshan’s tweet created ‘bang bang’ amongst the social media, a quick thinking Angela Krislinzki wrote a note in which she had rendered an apology to Hrithik for the confusion caused because of the misleading headline.

After all the hullaballoo over a ‘misleading’ headline and his reply tweet, Hrithik Roshan took to social media and posted a reply to Angela Krislinzki’s apology note. Hrithik tweeted, “Yes misleading headlines indeed. Graceful of you to clarify and apologise though. Wishing you the best for your career”.

We wonder what Angela Krislinzki has to say about this now!

– Bollywood Hungama News Network

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