“I find being on train very romantic and beautiful” -Shah Rukh Khan

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Shah Rukh Khan is travelling on Mumbai to Delhi August Kranti Rajdhani Express right now. Bollywood Hungama’s Content Head Broadband Faridoon Shahryar exclusively spoke to Mr Khan in the moving train. Vapi witnessed the first burst of fan outpour. SRK told Bollywood Hungama that he is overwhelmed with the love that people are showering on him. “I am having a lot of fun. I plan to have an early dinner, put some music and dance,” he said.

“I would love to meet people. By the time we reach Delhi tomorrow morning I hope to meet everyone,” SRK said. “I have a long train association. I am really happy being on train, I find it very romantic and beautiful. There is a small train sequence in Raees as well that changes his life.” That was the point when train slowed down at Valsad Station and crowd chanted SRK’s name. It was madness.

Before the interview I had met a Ticket Collector who enthusiastically told me that four TCs have brought a cake to celebrate 25 years of Shah Rukh Khan’s film journey, though the TC wasn’t sure if it would be possible. When I told SRK about this, he replied promptly, “I am a common man myself. I am seen as larger than life but it doesn’t make me uncommon at all. I am in the hearts of people and I love them as much as they love me. I would love to cut cake and eat it, though I may not eat it in entirety as I have to be careful about maintaining my 6 packs,” SRK said.

Shah Rukh Khan said that last that he travelled in a train was when he promoted Don in Jaipur though he travels by train in London where his children are studying. And yes SRK is also looking forward to drinking hot tea on any of the platforms. The most adventurous journey has just begun!

– Bollywood Hungama News Network