“I got sick with on-flight food” – Dharmendra

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It was something that he ate on a flight which put him in hospital. Everyone’s favourite Garam Dharam, Dharmendra, was in hospital for a few days with a stomach infection.

Now he is back home and recuperating his strength fast. When I call to convey my regards his man-Friday answers Dharamji’s cell phone.

The ageless superstar immediately calls back to reassure me he’s fine.

“Yes, I am back home now. And feeling much better. It was really not as bad as it was being made out to be. It’s just that my family loves me much. The minute I get a little unwell they get all worried. I am more concerned about their being worried about my health than about my health,” says Dharamji with a shy laugh.

So, what happened?

“I think it was something I ate on a flight from Delhi to Jaipur. It didn’t agree with me. I have to be careful about what I eat. And I usually am. The love and concern of my well-wishers always protects me from harm. So it was this time too. I am overwhelmed by the good wishes and the concern for my health. I want to let my well-wishers know I am fine now and I don’t intend to go anywhere for a long time,” says the actor who turned 81 last week.

– By Subhash K. Jha