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He is young and dashing, but what strikes you the most about Tiger Shroff is the fact that the boy doesn’t get beaten down by the hiccups he is facing on his way to stardom. While he enjoyed success with Baaghi, his superhero film A Flying Jatt (AFJ) was met with disappointment. In an interview with BT, he talks about work, family and a certain someone who goes by the name of Disha Patani. Read on…
After back-to-back hits, was it difficult to come to terms with the box-office failure of AFJ?

I was depressed for the longest time. It was a childhood dream to be a superhero; if I get to play one again, I will take it up.

I thought that the film was perfect for my fans, especially children. But then, box office can be unpredictable. We gradually came to terms with reality . The failure of AFJ apart, I would like to work with Remo (D’Souza, director) again -maybe, in the ABCD franchise. Despite the film not meeting the expectations, my fan-following among children has increased.

Do you think Indian superheroes don’t quite make the cut, barring Krrish?

Hrithik (Roshan) sir is commendable in Krrish, and he was one of the major references for our film. After AFJ, I respect him more as I understand what he has gone through. In fact, he must have worked harder.Here, we are so exposed to the international superheroes, it’s not possible to compete on their level, including the VFX. The budget also plays a pivotal role; we are not pumping in enough money .

You visited the Teen Batti area with your dad (Jackie Shroff) while shooting for Munna Michael. Considering that’s where he grew up, did he take you around?

We couldn’t really go around much because of the crowd. His house is as big as a carpet with the washroom, shower, kitchen and bedroom crammed in that space. He contin ued to stay there even after he became a star with his film Hero. I have always been fascinated by his rise, therefore the experience of shooting there was liberating.

It must have been difficult to connect with such characters since you had a privileged upbringing

Not at all. My father hasn’t changed a wee bit. He is still Teen Batti ka dada. Observing him is the biggest study for my character.

The first instalment of Student of the Year (SOTY) launched three newcomers -Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra -who shot to stardom overnight. Is there pressure to outdo the previous report card?

Karan Johar launched three babies who have now grown into big stars. I don’t want to replace them, but join their school. Hopefully , I am cool enough to hang out with them and find acceptance.

You recently attended a party with Disha Patani. Are you finally open about the relationship?
Disha is just a friend; she and I are comfortable with each other. I love her company . Besides, we have com mon friends and similar interests, including dance. We were invited to a party and we decided to go together. Big deal! The paparazzi was excited to finally click us together (laughs!). I prefer being talked about for my work. It’s too early for anyone to get interested in my personal life. I am not that important to be talked about for my personal life. For now, I’m in love with work and can’t cheat on it.

It’s been reported that your mother doesn’t approve of Disha and didn’t get along with her during a family vacation…

I don’t know how to react to such rumours, but my mother is friends with all my pals, be it females or males. I don’t bring anybody home, so that’s out of question. My mother has met Disha a couple of times, but it’s untrue that we went on a vacation together and that my mom was upset with her. There was no vacation.

Who are your competitors Tiger?

I have high goals and dreams for myself. I want every kid to know me by my name like Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee. Like them, I want to become a reference point some day .

– Neha Maheshwari