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The last couple of days have been quite surreal for Srinidhi Ramesh Shetty , who swept not one, but two titles at the Miss Supranational 2016. She was not only crowned Miss Supranational 2016, but also Miss Supranational Asia & Oceania 2016 at the recently-held grand finale at the Hall of Sports in Krynica Zdrój, Poland. The Mangaluru girl’s victory has made India the only country to have won the coveted title twice -earlier Asha Bhat was crowned Miss Supranational in 2014.
“After I won the Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Supranational 2016 title, my life changed completely . The national title helped boost my confidence and I knew that I had to give my 200 per cent to achieve my goal,“ she says. We caught up with Srinidhi for a quick chat. Excerpts…

You’ve made history of sorts by winning two titles in one pageant…

Yes, and it’s yet to sink in. So many good things have happened to me and I didn’t expect any of it. This was an opportunity of a lifetime and I did better than my best. I’ve got a new identity now, and I’m thankful to everyone who stood by me.

What was the first thought that crossed your mind when `India’ was announced the winner?

There was so much noise and the audience were cheering so loudly that I didn’t even hear the name of the winner. I was asking Miss Venezuela whose name was announced (laughs). But the moment I realised it was `India’, I was overwhelmed.I was happy , excited, thrilled, emotional and grateful. I felt blessed and humbled to be on the stage. It was a dream that I’d played over and over in my mind. And to be living that dream, to see it become a reality, was truly a blessing.

At what point did you feel that you have a good chance of winning the title?

What you do is in your hands, but not the results. So, I gave my best in each round and was truly happy when I made it to the Top 5. I wanted to make India proud and took each step with that goal in my mind.Also, I believe that humility will take you places. My parents have taught me to keep my eyes on the stars and feet on the ground. So, I didn’t have too much expectation.

A prestigious title like this comes with a lot of responsibilities…

I’m prepared to fulfil everything with utmost sincerity , add value to the crown and become a benchmark, an individual people can look up to. In fact, after winning the title, I became part of the judging panel of Mister Supranational 2016. I will soon be travelling to various countries to be part of goodwill campaigns. I will try to spread hope and happiness. It’s also part of my duty to promote tourism, and I can’t wait to duty to promote tourism, and I can’t wait t tell everyone how India -with its huge population, thousands of traditions and grand legacy -is a land of celebration, a country everyone must visit to experi ence love and harmony .

– Lakshmi V