Jab Harry Met Sejal promos..UNADULTERATED Romantic delight!

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The posters of Jab Harry Met Sejal splashed colours of life all over the globe and the wait for the promos is tremendous. Bollywood Hungama’s Faridoon Shahryar had the opportunity to attend a media screening to watch a few videos from the film today.

Shah Rukh Khan disclosed that they are not following the conventional route of releasing a theatrical trailer of the film. The team will be releasing short dialogue promos (30-35 seconds each) and then intersperse it with a song followed by more dialogue promos and then song again. At some stage, a full theatrical trailer will be unveiled as well.

Today, the birthday boy Imtiaz Ali introduced two dialogue promos and a song. The dialogue promos establish the buoyant chemistry between a Punjabi free spirited man who self-admittedly calls himself ‘cheap’ and an independent yet innocent girl who speaks in a delightful Gujarati accent. The up-tempo song celebrates Radha amidst classy European locales and ends with a surprise.

Shah Rukh Khan is a quintessential romantic hero who’s meant to make women feel supremely special or to keep them guessing. He looks completely in command. With word-magician Imtiaz Ali by his side, rest assured there will be heart shaped balloons filling up theatres all across the world. Anushka Sharma is a surprise package. Her Gujarati accent accentuated by a child like sincerity is a veritable treat that surely instigates you to see much more of her.

Shah Rukh Khan said that the film is a musical. In total, there are six songs but there are several other songs that are part of the background. “Nooran sisters have recorded a very nice song,” he said.

The two short promos and the song of Jab Harry Met Sejal will be launched on the India-Pakistan Champions Trophy finals day, Sunday June 18.

– Bollywood Hungama