Jattu Engineer celebrate film’s success with massive bash; film enters week 5

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If we have to take the word of the makers of the film Jattu Engineer, it certainly seems as if Dr. MSG’s movies belong to a different world! In a world where other movies come and go, and destinies are written off in just a week, this is one man’s movies come to stay! According to them the latest Dr. MSG movie, Jattu Engineer that released on May 19, has entered its 5th week has already grossed staggeringly high numbers at the box office in the previous 4 weeks.

While Jattu Engineer is said to be a comedy film that appeals to your funny bones, sans any double meaning suggestions. The film’s makers further state that the box office, collections has been extra ordinarily good, with a sizeable amount coming just in 6 days. In fact, a mega success party was held at the Lalit, Barakhamba Rd., in Delhi to commemorate this success. Dr MSG graced the event in his super cool avatar as usual along with his daughter and co-director HoneyPreet Insan. Attended by renowned personalities from all walks, the success party also saw a campaign being initiated on declaring cow as our National Animal being a National ‘Mother’, status that it is enjoying since thousands of years in our country. A signature campaign was initiated for the same, which was signed by all the present guests and distinguished personalities including Manoj Tiwari, Kailash Vijaywargiya, amongst many others. Jattu Engineer also initiated a unique tradition in its celebrations. The events open with cow milk party, where, the guests embrace cow-milk, instead of any other beverage. This was first started during the premiere of Jattu Engineer held on May 17, in Indira Gandhi Indore Stadium, Delhi. The success party of Jattu Engineer was also initiated with cow milk party. It is indeed a healthy tradition that we are going back to our roots which give us bounties of health and eventually help in saving our cows from going to slaughter houses.

Dr. MSG has been a master innovator, when it comes to innovating planet friendly highly advanced farming techniques, waste management, a glimpse of which we even see in Jattu Engineer’s Tatiyakar village. The icing on the cake is the impact, which Jattu Engineer is having all over, with village panchayats gearing up to follow the waste management model of using human as well as animal waste in a gas plant to satisfy their growing energy needs. You will also be surprised to know that the gas plant shown in Jattu Engineer is real and fully operational and used to produce gas and electricity.

Jattu Engineer is directed by, father-daughter duo, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and HoneyPreet Insan.

– Bollywood Hungama