Je pan Kahish E sachuj Kahish!

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The first-half of the film is confusing because of its various sub-plots, the second-half is gripping and manages to weave an element of mystery. The USP of the film is its unpredictable plot, which will keep the viewers glued to the screen. The performances and the cinematography are top-notch. There are a few references to the infamous high-profile accident cases in the film but the plot is not based on any real-life incident.

જુઓ ગૌરવ પાસવાલા અને સ્નેહા દેવગણીયા અભિનિત ફિલ્મ ‘જે પણ કહીશ સાચું જ કહીશ’ ઓનલાઇન
એમ અેક્સ પ્લેયર પર…
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