“Just shut the F*CK UP” says Rishi Kapoor to Twitter trolls over Saif and Kareena’s baby’s name

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While millions of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s fans joined the celebration of the arrival of her son Taimur Ali Khan, there were a handful of people who took to the social media and expressed their displeasure over the baby’s name. Not the one to take things lying down, Rishi Kapoor unleashed his ‘acidic form’ on the social media and did not mince words when it came to addressing the naysayers.

When someone tweeted Rishi Kapoor asking him “@chintskap taimur of all d names !!parents Itna behuda Naam kaise rakhi sakte hain have NVR heard sumthing like this”, to which, Rishi Kapoor replied “You mind your bloody business. Tumhare beta ka naam toh naheen rakha na? Who are you to comment?”. This was followed by yet another person who tweeted “@chintskap wat a downfall frm prithvi raj kapoor to taimur ali..ur ancestors soul must be weeping today..shame on u ppl..”, pat came Rishi Kapoor’s reply “You mind your fuckn business what my ancestors must be feeling. Apna kaam karo”. This just did not stop there. When someone tweeted “@chintskap 4 u 2 feel the concern of the people u need 2 read history of Taimur, Auranzeb, etc. Then u will know the atrocities they committed”, Rishi Kapoor gave a ‘fitting reply’ stating “Why are people so bothered what the parents want to name their child please?Mind your business,it’s got nothing to do with you.Parents wish!”.

The final word, as always, belonged to the eternal Rishi Kapoor, who tweeted stating “A lot of people are going to be blocked if any more arguments happen. Just shut the FUCK UP”.

Joining Rishi Kapoor was none other than the former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Omar Abdullah, who too took to the social media and tweeted “The only people who get to decide a baby’s name are the parents of said baby & the ones they ask. Why should opinion of the rest matter? So congrats to Saif & Kareena and a long happy life to their baby son. May #TaimurAliKhan have a happy & healthy life.”

– Bollywood Hungama News Network