Kangna Ranaut feels betrayed, bullied and stigmatized

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The start of 2016 saw an ugly spat between allegedly former lovers Kangna Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan that was followed by a legal battle that stretched for months together with a blame game of sorts as the two actors continued to present varied versions of their stories. Once again coming out in the open about the legal controversy was Kangna Ranaut who recently revealed that she felt betrayed, bullied and stigmatized due to the scandal.

Kangna Ranaut, whose one statement on a certain ‘unnamed’ ex sparked a controversy where the two actors, Kangna and Hrithik Roshan continued to send legal notices against each other that was followed by emails, unidentified impostor and fake accounts and many such allegations that went public and spread across varied forms of media. Talking about it, the actress stated that she was dragged to the court for being the person she is. Stating that it was a restricted relationship behind closed doors, she went on to add that she fought the accusations fair and square. Further she went on to add how people talk rubbish and judge her life as she woke up to fake emails that apparently went viral on digital media.

Denying those, the actress commented that she is a certified screenwriter from New York Film Academy and that she won’t write such crap. What, according to her, hurt her was the fact that a person with whom she shared a beautiful relationship spread such malice.

Elaborating on how she was asked to apologize in public and how she refused, she added that she never completely understood the story (of Hrithik Roshan) about impersonators. She also revealed about the threats that she received about horrifying secrets being leaked and that her parents were concerned about her safety. The actress further mentioned that there was apparently a group of ‘jealous hats’ wandering around Hrithik, who wanted to seek revenge from her.

– Bollywood Hungama News Network