Koffee with Karan 5: From talking of Jackie Shroff’s affection for Madhuri Dixit to giving Tiger Shroff sex advice, this father-son duo is amazing

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The fifth season of Koffee with Karan has brought some of the most interesting duos to the coffee couch. From Alia Bhatt– Shah Rukh Khan to Sonam Kapoor– Kareena Kapoor Khan, this season has been full of interesting pairs.

Finally, it’s the father-son duo Jackie Shroff and Tiger Shroff‘s turn on the couch. While Tiger’s nature has been that of a quiet, shy and guarded star, Jackie has been known to be a flamboyant hero. Honestly, this episode was more about the warmest relationship a father-son duo from the industry share. Jackie being the hero of his time to now being a father of a hero, he talked about the journey he has had. Tiger, on the other hand, has just been a three film old hero and talked about how it has been living under the shadow of a father who has been known for his acting skills.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Karan Johar starts off by asking how Jackie Shroff produced a son like Tiger who is completely opposite to him. In response to the question the veteran actor gives credit to his wife Ayesha Shroff for Tiger’s sorted nature saying, “He is totally gone on my wife, Ayesha. Tiger is nothing like me.”

2. Tiger recalls about the times when Jackie used to shoot in different places in India but used to just come home to spend time with him. He said, “My father has been a very hands-on father. He used to go shoot out of town- Ooty, Chennai or wherever. But he used to come home every night just to cuddle me up. He used to fly back in the night and take the early flight the next morning just to spend time with me. I really lucked out with my family.”

3. Then, Karan recalled about the time when Tiger was thrown in the air by his father Jackie and his lungi came out. This hilarious story is interesting because Jackie protected the lungi and Tiger hit the ground. Laughing about the incident in retrospect, Jackie who admits to being in awe of Tiger’s skills added, “Tiger would be able to do what I was trying to grab the lungi and be able to catch him as well.”

4. Tiger also talked about the ups and downs his father faced in his career but never expressed it in front of his family. He said, “That’s what keeps me going. He made us feel sheltered and never expressed his grief.” Jackie, on the other hand, talked about being from chawl and how by god’s grace lucked out to be in the film industry. “My father used to say that my Venus was very strong and that I would be a big movie star one day, at that time I thought he used to say that just to make me feel better. But today here I am”.

5. Then, comes a time when Jackie pulls Tiger’s legs for not having girlfriends when he was growing up. In his defense, Tiger says, “I used to be a gifted athlete growing up. Every time, I used to have these sports days or tournaments that was the only time I used to feel like I was something. I felt like a star. I think that attitude sort of emanated from me. Girls found that attractive and were in awe of what I could do. I was very shy. I think I had this inherent ego that made he think why should I go and talk to them if they like me they should come and say hi.” As a father would do, Jackie clarifies everything by saying, “No. You were shy and scared. It was not ego. I know that.”

6. Tiger also talks about his alleged relationship with M. S Dhoni – The Untold Story actress Disha Patani. When quizzed about her by Karan, Tiger said, “No, I am not dating. You know, I have very few friends. I am not very social. In the industry, I have like two or three friends and Disha being one of them. She lives close by. We have a common friends circle so we meet every now and then for coffee.” As Karan likes to talk about alleged relationships, Tiger said that Disha just makes him look better.

7. Karan had made an emotional video package for Jackie that featured some of his female co-stars like Poonam Dhillon, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Juhi Chawla and his producer friend Vidhu Vinod Chopra. All of them had beautiful to say about Jackie especially Vidhu. The producer talked about the time when Jackie invested his money for a scene and how large-hearted he has been his whole life. Jackie got a bit emotional about this package.

8. The rapid fire round was a rather fiery one thanks to Jackie’s upfront attitude that eventually won him the hamper. While Jackie confessed to being a fan of Madhuri and how it broke his heart when she got married, Tiger confessed that the one thing he wouldn’t take advice from his father was on sex because it could get too embarrassing. Basically, it was all about Madhuri appreciation.

9. The quiz round was skipped. Instead, a special video package was showcased for Tiger and Jackie. It was from Ayesha Shroff. She recalled about the time when she had made a movie and how it got pirated. The distributors had refused to sell the time. So, Jackie had invested his own money and put up his old house to sell the movie. She was bawling while telling the story. But, it was also a happy moment when Tiger promised to buy the old house when he signed his first film.

All in all, this episode was more about the relationship this film family shares rather than gossip.

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