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    Wheres kansas – Video
    Wheres kansas Wheres kansas 38th Triangle Spring Sale April 28-29, 2017 Heart Of Oklahoma Expo Center – Shawnee, Okla.— The Triangle Spring Sale, held Sat. April 29, achieved a net sales average of $7,000 per head, marking a historical record in the company’s 38-year history. Buyers traveled from 17 states amid heavy regional rainfall, to purchase 200 head for an 85-percent sales completion (less those withdrawn) and reach a lofty top 10 average of $24,100.…Read More click image for complete pdf Net Sale Average – $7,000 (200 Head) Top 10 Average – $24,100 Top 20 Average – $18,800 Top 50 …
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    Why is texas ( Video
    Why is Texas so big —and why are we so obsessed with its size? Curious Texas investigates, Curious Texas, Dallas News Why is texas Why is Texas so big —and why are we so obsessed with its size? Curious Texas investigates Written by Connect with Jacquielynn Floyd On our state’s 182nd birthday, we’re asked: Why is Texas so big — and why are we so obsessed with its size? The question comes from 7-year-old Lily, who wrote in looking for answers from Curious Texas, a project from The Dallas Morning News that invites you to join in our reporting process. …
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