Old neck pain returns to haunt Amitabh Bachchan

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A neck injury suffered 34 years ago while performing an intricate stunt in Mahaan has returned to annoy and impede Mr Bachchan’s schedules. Says a source close to the family, “He had suffered stiff neck doing a stunt for Mahaan. It was okay after a while. The neck pain had returned when he was shooting for Major Saab in 1998. Again it was forgotten, until now when the pain has returned. But nothing to worry about.”

The intrepid superstar, no stranger to health setbacks, has been advised to take it easy for a while.

“This is nothing. He has overcome so many major health issues. He will be up and about in no time. In fact the family has forced him to take rest. Left to himself he would continue with his normal, hectic, routine.”

– Bollywood Hungama News Network