Passport Movie Reviews :

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One of the Most Awaited Urban Gujarati Movie Passport released in cinemas on 4th November, 2016. Here we are sharing Passport movie reviews. Malhar Thakar, Anna Ador, Ujjval Dave, Jayesh More and Lipi Goyal starrer Gujarat film is running successfully.

Passport Movie Reviews
Let’s start with Acting,

Passport is the most talked movie in Gujarati Film Industry because of some of the obvious reasons. Malhar Thakar, our first Gujarati Super Star completely live up to our expectations. And “Foreigner Fatakdi” Anna Ador is also doing pretty good job.

Our proud of Gujarat and Gujarat’s Answer to Bollywood Mr. Jayesh More did the fantastic work as always. Actor Jayesh More is playing a thief in the movie, and at what level? Jayesh More’s Character is so promising that you can’t even blink once. Awesome job Mr. More.

Only character who make us feel bad is FUNNY DON. As far as Director’s Point of view is concerned, this character is Funny, but to be very frank he is not.

Over all, whole star cast including side actors does a fantastic job.

So now let’s move to the Direction and Production,

Director Mr. Rajesh Sharma exactly knows what Gujarati Audience wants. And he does all that things like,

Gujarati Audience Loves Jokes. There are so many good jokes and funny details were there if you watch the movie carefully. My favourite was the notice on the restaurant “Nal Chor Pakadnar ne 500Rs. Nu Inam”

Gujarati Audience Loves Music – fellows does a fantastic job as a Music director. Really appreciative work. But the best part of the music was the voice. The voice of non-other than Mr. Osman Mir.

All the songs of the film are awesome. Legendary Gujarati singer Osman Mir’s voice in Garba song makes you feel the sensation of Garba.

Even ‘Awesome Amdavad’ song makes you feel amazing.

Gujarati Audience loves Foreigner Speaks GUJARATI. Anna Ador speaks Adorable Gujarati language in the movie.


There are many scenes where you may get surprise. But there is one scene where I was shocked!!

One can see that lead actor in repeat clothing in the film. Yes, that is true, Malhar wears the same T-shirt (Batman & Superman) twice in two different scenes.

Hats off to producer! He cut a Cost of One T-Shirt…

Jokes a part. Passport is a complete family entertainment movie. And as far as rating is concerned, from our Passport Movie reviews, we gives 4.5 star to the movie. And we wish Luck to the Complete Cast of the Movie.

The movie is Must Watch Gujarati Film.

If you are a Fan of Gujarati Movie, you should go for the movie and if you are not than you MUST go for this Movie. Hope you understand.