Revealed: Salman Khan backs Hillary Clinton as American President

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In a surprising turn of events a short while back, Salman Khan tweeted hoping that the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will win the cliff-hanger American Presidential elections that will be held on November 8. “Hope you win. May God give you the strength to follow the constitution and human values. All the best. #HillaryForPresident,” Salman Khan tweeted.

Salman Khan is known to be apolitical. And, it is clear that he has voiced his opinion entirely on the humanitarian grounds since many people from all across the world believe that if Donald Trump wins the American Presidential election, then it can throw the world in massive uncertainty. In a surprising move, a certain section of Indo-Americans have been backing Donald Trump and a video of Anupam Kher was played at Trump’s rally organised by this group in New Jersey a few days back.