An all-round movie ‘Vitamin she’ Review

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Did you have the answer of how to win the girl’s heart? If no…then ‘vitamin she’ is the must watch movie for you. Very popular RJ Dhvanit made a debut in films with this film and looks as confident as in his regular work. Who else then the lover boy himself will satisfy all your queries about the relationship between “he and she”.

‘Vitamin she’ is also a debut film of successful motivational speaker Sanjay Raval as producer and Faisal Hashmi as director. They both created a magic with this film altogether. Sanjay Raval also decided to donate first 5 lakh of the earnings by this movie to his hometown ‘Palanpur’ which recently facing the flood issues. So, apart from entertainment value, your money is reused for a noble cause as well.

Dhvanit himself as ‘jigar’ narrating the story in the film. His love interest Bhakti kubawat as ‘shruti’ is showing an excellent chemistry among them.

And there is….friends like Smit Pandya as ‘vadeel’, who gives wise words like oldies. Prem Gadhvi as ‘Admin’, who is admin in many groups is always busy on cell phone. He says a line on phone between the talks which accidently fits the situation and creates humour. Maulik Nayak as ‘maniyo’ is also an interesting character. They are the friends which we can see around us in our daily life.

The jokes will ROFL you and the romance will take you to the ninth cloud. Though it’s not only a romantic film. This film is an all-round story of a relationship. The hard hitting facts, which you can relate yourself in. the story rides you through the differences between jigar and shruti. Will they solve their differences and will fall in love again? For that answer you have to run to the theatres to watch the movie ‘vitamin she’.

Awesome acting, excellent dialogues and direction, unique story means a super hit film ‘vitamin she’. The songs are also a ‘paisa wasul’ part of a movie. ‘Chokri’ song is already a hit and getting maximum hits on YouTube. Machhalio Ude song was sung by very well known singer Darshan Rawal winner of ‘India’s Raw Star’ 

Watch ‘vitamin she’ if you want to laugh, watch it if you want to feel the love, watch it if you want to face the reality of relationships and get some wise words from experts. Go, dig the route towards the women’s heart and experience the most beautiful relationship of the world. Trust me you will not gulped down this pill ‘vitamin she’, but chew its taste all your life.