Salman Khan pays tribute to Raj Kapoor in Tubelight

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While everybody is talking about the close resemblance between Salman Khan’s new film Tubelight and a 2015 Hollywood war epic Little Boy, the one glaring kinship to greatness that everyone seems to be missing has to do with Raj Kapoor rather than the little-seen Hollywood film which the film adapts.

In almost every gesture in the teaser and the newly-released song Sajan radio bajaiyo Salman pays a tribute to Raj Kapoor’s Eternal Tramp image in the classics Awara and Sree 420.

Tubelight director Kabir Khan doesn’t deny the resemblance between Salman in Tubelight and Raj Kapoor in Awara and Sree 420.

An ardent Raj Kapoor fan Kabir has constructed Salman’s on-screen persona in Bajrangi Bhaijaan and now Tubelight to echo the sweet guileless innocence of Raj Kapoor in his most famous roles.

Kabir and Salman will probably extend the Raj Kapoor influence into a third film to complete a trilogy.

– Bollywood Hungama