Salman Khan’s Tubelight has a Hollywood inspiration

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The teaser of Tubelight is out, and as it happens pretty quickly in today’s world of instant connectivity, the source of the Salman Khan story is out pronto as well. The film in question is Hollywood flick Little Boy, which was released a couple of years back in USA.

“That film was set during World War II and was about a little boy (figuratively as well as literally), who lost his father on the battle field. Though he is disheartened, he is inspired to have faith and believe that he can get his father back one day. How his life goes through a turnaround with an inherent belief that he carries, and the twists and turns that happen henceforth forms the crux of the film,” informs our source.

Now, Tubelight has a similar premise too. While Little Boy had its central protagonist as a young boy who was almost considered as a dwarf due to his short height, Tubelight too, has Salman Khan playing a special character who is a little slow in his thinking, reasoning and movements (and hence the nickname ‘Tubelight’). But, then rises up to the occasion when there is need, hence even managing to ‘move mountains’ (well, literally!) with sheer faith, as is apparent in the teaser as well.

No wonder, the moment the teaser was out, social media was abuzz with similarities that Tubelight has with Little Boy, and links to the promo of latter started making rounds.

“What not many noticed though was the fact that the makers had already mentioned this in their credits slide,” an observer comments, “The slide that comes towards the end of the teaser clearly says – ‘Story based on the original film Little Boy‘. Hence, even though there is an inspiration for sure, it is all official. Ethically, moralistically and officially, Salman Khan and director Kabir Khan have played it all by the book.”

This is the reason why even though the signature arm and hand moves that Salman Khan carries (when he aims to move mountains) is exactly the same as the one carried by child artist Jakob Salvati carries in Little Boy, all of that is entirely fine, considering the fact that the rights to the film have already been bought.

“This should lead all speculations and rumors to rest,” a filmmaker adds. “In today’s times, did you actually think that someone would pick up theme, plot and mannerisms from its Hollywood counterpart and go scot-free without it being eventually getting caught? After all, news spreads like fire on social media in a matter of hours. Moreover, Tubelight has credible people like Salman Khan and Kabir Khan involved. You can’t expect them to pick references from a film and not give it due credit. So, I would suggest that everyone should just relax and let the film do the talking. The source could be the same but the film is not.”

We look forward to that as well once Tubelight arrives this Eid.

– Bollywood Hungama News Network