Scoop: Kapil Sharma gets 2 month bonus extension for The Kapil Sharma Show from channel

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Kapil Sharma’s fall from grace after the mid-air brawl he indulged in with his colleagues, has brought his show to the brink of disaster. You have been reading about how the channel Sony Entertainment which hosts The Kapil Sharma Show has given Kapil a month’s notice to mend his plunging TRPs after his colleagues deserted the show.

That’s not quite the truth. According to a very well-informed source from Kapil’s team Channel has actually given Kapil more time than being reported.

Says the source, “The current contract for The Kapil Sharma Show expires on April 22. The original plan was to renew it automatically for another year. However the ugly in-flight incident involving Kapil and his team and Sunil Grover’s departure thereafter changed everything. Without his team members, Kapil struggled stuttered and stumbled with a few episodes. The Channel has now given him a ‘bonus’ extension of two months and not one month, as reported. If there is no improvement in the TRPs in April and May, then the show will be cancelled in June.”

The only way to recover lost ground and save the show from disaster is to bring Sunil Grover and his team mates back to The Kapil Sharma Show. However sources close to Grover divulge that Kapil has made no effort to reach out to Grover personally.

“And that’s good, because even if Kapil asked, Sunil is not coming back on the show. As far as Sunil is concerned, the chapter with Kapil is closed.”

To further exemplify Kapil Sharma’s worsening fortunes, for his birthday not a single major personality from the entertainment industry came forward to wish him.

A former friend of Kapil Sharma advises, “Kapil needs to take a break and do some serious introspection. He needs to know where he’s gone wrong and start again. It is not too late to do so.”

– Bollywood Hungama News Network