Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees lands in trouble again; Abdul Latif’s son Mushtaq Shaikh to take legal action against makers

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After much delay, Shah Rukh Khan is gearing up for the release of his anticipated film Raees. Even before the release, the film has gotten in trouble with showcasing Moharram in the trailer with holy symbols. It seems like the troubles won’t be ending for Shah Rukh Khan anytime soon.

Many reports have earlier suggested that Shah Rukh Khan’s character in Raees is based on late Gujarat-based liquor mafia Abdul Latif. But, the makers had clarified earlier that the reports were not true. But, in April 2016, Abdul Latif’s son Mushtaq Shaikh believed the character is based on his father and had filed a defamation suit worth Rs. 100 crores against the makers in the Gujarat High Court demanding a stay on the film. The Gujarat High Court had asked Mushtaq Shaikh to wait and watch the film before coming to any kind of conclusion.

But, it doesn’t seem like Mushtaq Shaikh wants to watch the film. He is all set to take legal action against Raees after the film is released. Speaking to a leading tabloid, he said that he had watched the film’s trailer, and what the makers of the film say doesn’t matter to him. The film is clearly based on his father’s life and he will wait till the matter is taken up in court again after the film’s release.

Mushtaq Shaikh’s legal team informed that Raees makers had approached him regarding the details of his late father Abdul Latif but they are now not pleased with the way they have depicted his father. His lawyer, Harsh Gajjar said that Abdul Latif’s family was approached by the makers in 2014 to reveal details of his look and work. His client’s family parted with the information with the faith that it wouldn’t be commercialized. But the depiction looks lopsided. According to them, Latif has been made to look like a gunda. None of the positive work he did, including winning the elections and helping people, has been highlighted in the trailer. The facts have been manipulated to defame Latif. The team is waiting to check if the family is credited for sharing the information. He said that his client must be compensated for the damage caused to his family’s reputation.

Mushtaq Shaikh’s personal legal counsel, Ilyas Pathan, said that another major bone of contention is the depiction of Latif’s wife. No hijab-wearing lady of Daryapuri has ever been caught for being involved in the liquor business. The local Muslim community has taken offense to the inappropriate depiction and intends to file a petition. They are showing all kinds of wrong things that are untrue.

Neither Shah Rukh Khan nor the makers of Raees have commented on this controversy. Directed by Rahul Dholakia, Raees stars Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and is slated to release on January 25, 2017.

– Bollywood Hungama News Network