SHOCKING: Himesh Reshammaiya’s CEO commits suicide

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Andy Singh, the CEO of musician and actor Himesh Reshammiya’s music company HR Musik allegedly committed suicide on Saturday night after a heated argument with a lady friend.

Says a close associate of Himesh, “We are all in a state of shock. Andy’s going is so sudden and uncalled-for. We believe he was in a relationship with a married woman. He was going through a lot of emotional stress. They had a heated argument in Saturday night. Andy stormed into his home shut his door and apparently hung himself on the ceiling fan. This is no way for anyone to go.”

Apparently Andy, who was divorced some years ago, was in a messy relationship which took its toll on his mental health. He was in his mid-40s. A close associate of Himesh, Andy will be sorely missed by Himesh.

Incidentally Himesh has been in the news all of last week for divorcing his wife.

– Bollywood Hungama News Network