SHOCKING: Late actress Nanda’s family moves court over her will

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Those who have been religiously following yesteryear’s cinema will swear by the late actress Nanda’s innocence with which she has portrayed a wide range of characters in films. Some of the most memorable films that Nanda was a part of included Jab Phool Khile, Gumnaam and Ittefaq.

The late actress has made headlines on account of her will, which has now been challenged. What had happened was that, before passing away in 2014, the late actress Nanda, in her will, had reportedly had left a majority of her vast property (which included a triplex apartment in Versova) to a trust and nothing almost nothing to her siblings and their children.

As per a report published in a leading newspaper, the late actress’ family has claimed that the said will (of which Nanda’s CA and business partner Nargis Hirji were in charge of its execution) was fake. That’s why Nanda’s family has now filed a lawsuit in the Bombay High Court, wherein they have claimed that Nanda had absolutely no reason to appoint her CA and business partner to look after her property, because she was close to her siblings. Meanwhile, Nargis Hirji reportedly claimed that, because of the fact that Nanda’s brothers did not take care of her, that’s why she was closer to them.

Despite the legal tiff, the two sides have now agreed mutually to look for a tenant for Nanda’s apartment in Versova, which is under dispute.