-Rishi Kapadia aka RK (Dhruvin Shah) is a reigning Bollywood superstar. He has all the trappings of successful movie star – name, fame, money and most importantly - a happy family life. His life-partner Anjali (Rashami Desai) has been his soul mate right from his struggling days. She has witnessed his rise from being a non-entity to a Superstar. She loves him unconditionally and is not one bit enamored by his stardom. RK is equally mad about Anjali and constantly strives to keep her happy.

Their smooth life is one day shaken up and is thrown out-of-gear. While shooting for an action sequence for his upcoming film, RK is shot at by a real bullet instead of a fake one. He miraculously escapes the mysterious murder attempt but this incident becomes national news putting RK and his family in jeopardy. Just when RK is coping with this event, he finds himself embroiled in a conspiracy that is bound to ruin his career and family life. RK has a strong feeling that someone is conspiring to mess up his life but neither he nor the police can identify who that person is. The clouds of gloom deepen when RK gets earth shattering news that would rip his and Anjali’s world apart. Their past has come back to haunt them and threatens to snatch everything and everyone dear to RK. He finds himself in a situation where he has to make a choice between leaving the love of his life to save someone whom he loves more than his own life…..

How will RK and Anjali fight the demons of their past? Will RK manage to come out of the dire maze he finds himself trapped in?

Will RK - Superstar of the movies emerge as a real life Superstar????


presented by Navkar Events Pvt. Ltd. directed by Bhavin Wadia and produced by Snehan Dave releases on 3rd Feb., 2017 at a cinema near you. Don’t Miss it!!!


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Banner Cast
Navkar Events Pvt Ltd Dhruvin Shah
Status Rashami Desai
Completed Language
Release Date Gujarati
03 February Assoicate Producer
Genre Mrugank Shah
Drama Chief Production
Production Controller Kamleshpuri Goswami
Gurudas Pai Line Producer
Story & Dialouges Jayesh Tulsiani
Mrugank Shah
Screenplay Cinemtogrpher
Mrugank Shah & Deep Lalani Girish Kant
Editor Sound Engineer
Nilesh Navanath Gavand Raj Krishnan
Sound Recordist Art Director
Sunil Patole Dilip Dhandge
Music Lyrics
Parth Bharat Thakkar Niren Bhatt
Choreographer Aishwariya Majumdar
Prince DI & VFX
Directed Pixel Digital Studios-Mumbai
Bhavin Wadia Produced
Colorist Snehan Dave
Krish Mehta 1st Chief.Assit
2nd Chief.Assit Ranjana Rajput
Hitesh Waghela Promo Campaign
Promo Graphics Ajay-Nilesh
Ramesh Gosavi Digital Partners
Promotions Redefined Everymedia Tech. Pvt Ltd
Chetan Chauhan Marketing Consultant
Publicity Design Mojo Media
V&W Design Studio Vikkas Chopra
Runtime Pooja Kashyap
2 Hours 30 Min Nayan Chandan

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