Upcoming Gujarati Films 2017 with Details- Samay Chakra – The Time Slot:

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Samay Chakra is upcoming urban gujarati film. It is an emotional drama film. An arrogant boy falls in love with a girl raised by kinnar and that girl changes his life.

Rasna No Dabbo-

Rasna No Dabbo is upcoming gujarati film. Saptarishi Cinevision is presenting this film. Director Rajan Joyner’s film Rasna No Dabbo will release their more info soon.


Upcoming gujarati Film 2017 Adhikar stars Sanjay Maurya, Yash Barot, Sanjay Chauhan, Jay patel and Janak Zala.

Life ni T20-

Director Dhruv Bhatiya is presenting upcoming gujarati movie Life ni T20. Life ni T20 movie star cast includes Sanjay Prajapati, Samir Khakhar, Hiren Amin and Kamlesh Parmar.

You & I-

Director Nirav Babaria and Producer Pranav Patel is presenting You & I Urban gujarati movie. It is a child, drama movie.

Sunny Vaar-

GrinFilm Private Limited is presenting upcoming gujarati film Sunny Vaar. Mayur Kachhadiya and Mehul Joshi is presenting a thriller movie. Movie Production team will soon release films’ poster, trailer, teaser and more info.


Director Rahul Bhole and Vini Kanojia’s film Reva is an adventure, drama gujarati film. Brainbox Studios and Baroda Talkies are movie studio for the film Reva. Reva film is based on novel by writer Dhruv Bhatt.

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Upcoming Gujarati Films 2017 list includes many movies like Fodi Laishu Yaar, Last Chance, O Taareee, Pela Adhi Akshar, Rok Tok, Paaghadi, Cash on Delivery and many more.