WHAT? Priyanka Chopra’s bikini shots in Baywatch getting chopped off in India?

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The Central Board of Film Certification has given Priyanka Chopra’s large-screen debut Baywatch a clean chit with all the bikini shots intact. However we now hear that the film may be shown in India with Priyanka Chopra’s bikini shots “somewhat curtailed.”

The decision apparently comes in the light of the actress’ fans being not too happy with the thought of excessive skin exposure in beachwear.

Says an informed source, “Priyanka Chopra in beachwear is perfectly fine, and we do have a thriving beachside culture in many parts of coastal India. However she is superstar with a slightly more conservative fan-following in India which may not be too happy with her bikini shots beyond a point. Indian audiences like to see our leading ladies in bikinis for only one shot or one sequence. That is why Baywatch may be released in India with some of Priyanka’s beachside shots reduced. But nothing substantial.”

– Bollywood Hungama