Wishing Salman Khan a very happy birthday

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If one has to mix terms like ‘every cinegoer’s heartbeat’, ‘every man’s envy’, ‘on the wish list of every film maker’, ‘makes everyone go weak on their knees’ and many such terms, the resultant that you get is nothing else but the one and only Salman Khan. It’s the very Salman Khan who celebrates his birthday today!

In a time and age where film makers spend millions only their films’ publicity, any Salman Khan film tends to become a smash hit with his mere name attached to it. As they say… Salman Khan … sirf naam hi kaafi hai! That’s the magnetic pull of this darling of the masses and classes named ‘Salman ‘Sultan’ Khan’.

Join Bollywood Hungama as we wish Salman Khan a very happy Birthday simply by posting your wishes below:

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