Gitika in her quest for a career did not become a mother. When she wanted to, nature was cruel to her. She undergoes various medical tests but the pronouncement is the same. Gitika cannot become a mother. Gitika and Abhishek are distraught.

Abhishek suggested adoption but his parents who had agreed to his love marriage put their foot down and insisted on having a child from their own blood – line. Gitika and Abhishek decide to go for surrogacy.

Urvashi on the Doctors advice where she works decides to become a surrogate mother as her family is in dire need of the money.

In the meanwhile Abhishek has had an affair and has sired a child. Abhishek finds himself responsible for Indus situation and wants to marry Indu as he did not want his child to be born a bastard.

Geetika decides to divorce Abhishek. What will happen to the surrogate child? Yashoda unfolds this story.

Banner Cast
Zelu Entertainments Priyanka Vaghani
Status Farzan Karanjla
Completed Maitry Shah
Release Date Naimesh Navin
09 June Arvind Vekaria
Language Pallavi Pathak
Gujarati Falguni Rajani
Story & Directed By DOP
Devdas Menon Sanjeeb Das
Editor Music
Birju Rajak Navin Shivram
Written & Lyrics Publicity Design
Virat Bhatt V&W Design Studio
2 Hour 30 Min

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